Solution for My Resolution

So many things fluttered in my mind and heart last week as I looked forward to 2012. Get a game plan going! Then I was reminded…

The key to the missionary’s difficult task is in the hand of God, and that key is prayer. The key is in following the Master’s orders— the key is prayer. Is your response, “Oh, but I have a special work to do!” No Christian has a special work to do. A Christian is called to be Jesus Christ’s own, “a servant [who] is not greater than his master” (John 13:16), and someone who does not dictate to Jesus Christ what he intends to do. Our Lord calls us to no special work— He calls us to Himself. “Pray the Lord of the harvest,” and He will engineer your circumstances to send you out as His laborer.

via The Key to the Master’s Orders | My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers.



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