Start Here: Beginning a Relationship with Jesus (Book Excerpt)

(credit: #write31days :: Day 30

(credit: #write31days :: Day 30

The following testimony is an excerpt from the book by David Dwight and Nicole Unice titled Start Here: Beginning a Relationship with Jesus (which by the way, is one of the best books to hand someone who is a seeker and/or new Christian).

Dr. Rakesh Jain, cardiologist: “My first exposure to Jesus Christ occurred shortly after we moved to the United States…I wasn’t just not a Christian; I was anti-Christian.

“While I struggled with [a family] issue, I came into contact with a lot of Christian people both socially and professionally – which I don’t think was an accident. As a doctor, I must have had more than twenty pastors and missionaries within my practice. I admired them. The way they lived grew my interest in Christianity.


“I would say that all of the people who had a positive impact on me had one thing in common: they were followers of Christ. These people met me where I was and started a friendship without having a specific agenda. My spiritual growth was in some ways a byproduct of those relationships.

“While this was going on, I had some health issues and ended up needing major heart surgery. I began to reflect on what was truly important and pondered what would happen if I died in surgery. With the possibility of death becoming real, I had to look deeper and see if Christianity was for me. I found myself drawn to the one thing unique to believers in Christ: the resurrection. I also like the concept of this relationship being a gift and not something that you can buy or earn.

“My relationship with God now is very honest, and I try to live each day to the best of my abilities, thinking all the time about how Christ would have me act…with Christ, I find life richer and more meaningful in almost every way.”


Your invitation to Jesus today is to trust in him, the Resurrection and the Life.

That’s it. No gimmicks. No penances. No weird rituals.

It’s a gift, completely free.


P.S. I first “met” Nicole virtually as a member of the Redbud Writers Guild. She has written several other titles and Bible studies that are worth checking out. Read more about her at

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