Thanksgiving’s Over?

I must have slept through it!? Truth is, I did; at least part of it.

No, it wasn’t the turkey’s tryptophan tripping me out. It was some nasty virus that has been holding on to it’s dear life while making mine less than agreeable these past two weeks. I believe (and certainly hope!) I’m on the upswing.

Our Internet service must be mocking my state of being since it too has been ‘out of commission’ for the past week and a half. Thus my silence here.

Sitting now at our local public library, I think of so many things I would have written last week for which to give thanks. Then again, there are no limits to giving of thanks for only one day (or week), so if I had the time, I’d switch my fingers into fifth gear and let them burn rubber (or plastic keys as it were) and fill this space with thousands of characters to tell the world what I’m thankful for.

If I had time, which I don’t. Kids come home within the hour, e-mail still has to be answered, supper has to be started, and a basket of bleached whites sits in the basement waiting to be folded.

So, I will keep my “thanksgiving” list sweet and to the point:

  1. Jesus Christ, who has saved my soul and took me from being a ‘good girl lost in the sin she was born into’ and made me a new person. I now walk with God, and talk to Him and know Him personally.

  2. Mike, my amazing husband…who took me as I was and kept me even after he got to know the ‘me’ that revealed my flaws and shortcomings

  3. My kids- each unique and each a blessing I can’t imagine not having

“All you saints! Sing your hearts out to GOD! Thank him to his face!” Psalm 90:4 The Message

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