The Few, The Faithful, The Intercessors

That’s when I remembered.

Years ago while in the US itinerating to return to Mexico for another term, our paths crossed with several highly important people.

Not too many achieve their distinction in life. They serve as ambassadors of both the most revered and despised Ruler known to the history of mankind. They take what they hear, know, or receive a burden for and offer it before this Ruler, pleading for life and grace, for blessings and mercy, for protection and peace.

They are known to thousands and applauded by legions; they are known to few and applauded by no one. Their fame is in heaven, their obscurity on earth.

These are, in my opinion, giants of the faith. They are the few, the humble, the faithful intercessors of our day.

One of the couples was elderly, well in their eighties already at that time. They told us they pray for us daily. Daily! Moreover, they have prayed for us since the day we were married. Before that, they prayed for Mike since he was a child and for me, namelessly, as his future wife. Forty plus years of daily intercession!

I remembered these few, these faithful.

We met two others in a church in North Central Ohio.  They had approached us and thanked us for the updated prayer card we handed them, as the ones they had from years earlier were worn and tattered. These two saints, both women, told us they too pray for us daily and have done so since the first time we spoke at their church in the mid 90’s.

They too are the few and the faithful.

Another is a man I’m not sure I’ve ever met.  But I had met his daughter in one church we preached in, who told me, “My dad prays for your family every day.  I’ll mention to him I saw you and tell him of your current prayer needs.”

Another of the few and the faithful.

Various feelings run through me when my journal reminds me of these people: amazement, awe, humility, unworthiness. To be honest, I suddenly feel so little, so nothing;  I want to just drop my head as the enormity of this love hits me.

Yes, they’re important.   But they’ll never get the recognition for their faithfulness here on earth. They are well known, not to the world, but to the Saviour in whose presence they worship and plead.

They are the humble warriors. They pray not because of who we are or what we do, but because of who Christ is and what Christ has done and will do.

They are the few, the faithful. They are the intercessors. I don’t applaud them; somehow it wouldn’t seem right.  But I do thank God for them, and those like them.

As we prepare to return stateside for another furlough in a few months, I wonder if any of them are still alive, still praying.

I look forward to meeting them and thanking them. And standing before them, once again, humbled in their presence. .


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