The Girl and The Twirly Thing

What do bloggers do when they haven’t had time for fresh content? Use a piece from one of their writing lessons, of course!

This story took place six years ago in our home in northern Mexico. Can you figure out what the twirly thing is?

I couldn’t help myself; I just had to touch it. Mommy told me not to, but it twirled so pretty way up there. Like a ribbon for a present. She caught me a couple times already trying. But that was yesterday. Today she was busy working on her computer. I tried being quiet. And fast. This time I wanted to knock it down.

It was so high. And I’m only four. So I pushed a chair under it. Then I found a really big wooden spoon. I climbed up the chair. Wow, it was like a piñata. I tried and tried. One. Two. Free. Four. I hit it! It fell on my  head. It wouldn’t come out of my hair. I pulled it. It was stuck!

I screamed. Mommy came running. I knew I had disobeyed. She saw me. She lifted me down from the chair and said my name, “Ka – tie!” I couldn’t hear more cause I was still screaming. And jumping. And crying. And trying to get the yucky thing out of my hair. It wasn’t pretty and twirly anymore. Only scary.

My mommy had to give me a bath. She put some special soap on my hair to get the thing out. She washed and washed. Finally it came out. I feel better now. My stuffed animals are having time-out with me. And I promised mommy to never ever touch that stuff again.

‘Sides, mommy said that it was to catch flies and not little girls like me.

I.K. Hadinger, 2010

I wrote this for my last lesson as a practice in Point of View. Although I had written about this (hilarious now, not then) incident years ago, I re-wrote it in my daughters voice.

And if you guessed fly-paper for the twirly thing, you’re right. We had never in our life seen or dealt with as many flies as we did when we lived in the “campos” near Cuahtemoc. To give you an idea, one afternoon we gave the boys and their friends a project: count the flies they kill in the building during the hour the adults were having Bible study. The count? Over six hundred! Yup,  ewww!

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