The Ideal

I found this essay, a glimpse into an MK’s life, tucked away on an old CD. It was written by one of my boys (I won’t say which one) as a high school assignment. (BTW, MK=missionary kid; PK=pastors kid.)

Can there be anything “ideal” in a person’s life? If the working definition of ideal is perfect, then no. Nothing is or can be perfect. Anything and everything  can be improved. So with myself, as with anybody, nothing is ideal, but some things are less ideal than others. If there was one thing that I could change about my life, it would be my past, my history. I realize that this is impossible, so I will content myself with how things are now. See, my family has moved twelve times (but I found them every time!), Mansfield Sr. is my eleventh school, and I’ve belonged to six different churches. Spanning three countries and four worlds, one can say I have been around. All the change meant no settling down, no establishing relationships – at least lasting ones. This has been hard on myself in this friend-oriented world. It seems that wherever and whenever we arrive, fitting in takes a while and finding acquaintances takes longer. By the time they’ve been established, we’re leaving next month. I have only had two good friendships lasting over two years, and one of those happens to be my cousin.

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