To Clarify…

9/17/07  Note:   I have changed the original title of the previous post from ‘I Hate Religion’ to the current one due to feedback both written and verbal. 

To clarify my thought, I do not despise organized agencies of man, or the Church, which is Christ’s body.  

True, the word hate is a strong one.  What I despised at the time of this journal writing, was the hardness of man made rules and tradition that is labeled as ‘religion’.   This was written on the heels of an impactful meeting with women who were suffering simply for being part of a certain culture and a religious tradition. 

Rightly did Jesus say about these type of ‘religious leaders’: 

“They lay heavy burdens on their backs yet don’t lift a finger to help!”    Matthew 23:4,  Luke 11:46

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