Today I stilled my mind

Transition is approaching and I have more questions than answers. Pains from the past pop up. My mind has been whirling faster than it should- troubled with perplexities that are not simple equations to be figured in one quick mathematical exercise.

My mind and emotions playing tug of war, sometimes with each other, but usually sided against me. I knew I needed to be still, not physically, but mentally and emotionally.

So today, after my aerobics and a shower, I grabbed a bag and tossed in my MP3 player loaded with worship songs, a camera, my journal and my Bible, then went to paradise; rather the closest thing to a paradise on earth I could find near our house. A whopping five minute drive took me to a former estate that features 47 acres of landscaped gardens, greenhouses, hiking trails and an immense brick mansion.

Sitting on a bench, I stretched out my legs and began to journal the creation that surrounded me: the sun warming me as I slipped off my sandals; the white magnolias that were dying as the pink ones were just blooming; the sky a soft, calming blue with large cumulous clouds gracing my world; birds, many kinds each with their song; a peacock calling for his peahen; the budding trees stretching their limbs toward heaven and the gentle breeze carrying sounds and smells of springtime.

I sipped my water and reached to pop in my earphones when I realized I didn’t need those songs to draw my heart to worship…I was already experiencing the beauty of worship as the creation around me reflected and exalted it’s Creator and mine. My mind emptied as my spirit soared.

I became still and knew, once again, that He is God.

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. – Exodus 14:14 Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the LORD has been good to you. – Psalm 116:7 Be still and know that He is God – Psalm 46:10

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