Today is Market Day- Here’s a brief tour…

Actually, every day is market day, but the fresh produce comes on Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s chaotic and we love it.

It’s hard to imagine where the abundance of regional fruits and vegetables comes from…and how inexpensive they can be. (Good thing, too- it offsets the cost of being gringos and having to pay extra for other things).

Box trucks back up, open their back hatch, and the goods come spilling out onto a table waiting to be bartered for. I’m tempted to go again with my camera to take photos of rows upon rows of neatly stacked pineapples and papayas, the 50 lb bags of oranges, the baskets full of jalapeno’s and garlic, and so on. But why look like a tourist or a foreigner if I can help it?

Besides, I already did that once. Yeah, I swallowed my pride and snapped a few shots. Below are some photos. Too bad I couldn’t capture the sounds, the bustle, the sleeping toddlers, or the pleading eyes of the abuelas as they tried to convince me to buy from them.

Enjoy the tour.

Here we are in stop-and-go traffic. Most people take taxis or buses. We still have another kilometer or so to go.

traffic at central de abastos oct 2008_wr

This is the outskirts of the market. Just a few vendors trying to sell the little they have.

central de abastos_wr_oct2008_1

Now we’re inside…sort of. It’s really a street where hundreds of tarps are stretched out side by side and the vendors set up there tables underneath. Look long enough and you’ll see a delicious salsa coming together. Careful- you’re drooling on your keyboard.

produce vendor_wr_oct2008

Piñata anyone?


That, my friend, is dried seafood. The mounds of pink are dried shrimp while the baskets on the bottom shelf are dried, halved fish with their eyes and tails still intact. Naturally you’d buy tortillas, on the walls, to make your meal complete.

dried shrimp_wr_oct2008

This vendor has a friendly exchange with her neighboring competitor.

central de abastos_wr_oct2008_2

I saved the best for last: flowers. Oodles of them, and some varieties I can’t even pronounce.

flowers at central de abastos_wr_oct2008

Come visit me and I’ll take you in person. Oh, and bring your video camera, will you?

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