We´re here…

We had a good flight on Friday and later that afternoon went to see the house we´re renting.  We are still staying in a hotel though since the house is empty.  I went briefly to look at furniture on Saturday, but it´s a bit overwhelming since there is so much to buy and I want to shop around for lowest prices. 

Not only do I need large appliances like fridge, washing machine, and stove, but also furniture of all kinds including storage for everything- and I mean everything!  The kitchen has NO cupboards or drawers of any kind.  It simply has a small counter with a sink (and an old dirty sticky stove that I´m not sure is fit to use), which means I will also have to shop around for creative ways to store all my kitchen stuff.

The bedrooms have no closets, so besides beds and dressers, we also have to buy wardrobes to hang clothes in.  I have a feeling we´ll be living out of suitcases for a while!  The house only had a few lightbulbs hanging, so I´m going to have to buy light fixtures so we can see our way around.

But before all that, it needs a good cleaning.  It has sat empty for a while and the critters need to be cleaned out, both the dead and the live ones!  Even with all these hurdles to get past before this place can be called home, I really like the house and the setting.  The house is in a VERY Mexican pueblo on the outskirts of Oaxaca City, is a bright golden yellow with terra cotta tiled roof, has fruit trees- like banana, lemon, and some type of berry- on the property, several porches on the front, side, and back of the house, and lots of pots waiting to have flowers and small plants growing in them.

PLEASE CONTINUE PRAYING:  My hubby will be leaving early Mon morning with one of my boys to make another 1,600 mile round trip to the border to retrieve the second load of stuff.  Some of you may not know that he suffers from a seizure disorder (epilepsy) and there is still a travel alert issued by the US gov´t to avoid travel on the US/Mexican border.  BUT GOD IS GOOD AND HAS KEPT HIM THUS FAR!  I believe in the power of prayer and trust the Lord to continue strengthening Mike and protecting their travel.  Thanks for agreeing in prayer with me.  They will return to Oaxaca on Thursday evening.

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