What Did I Get Myself Into?

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Those were my exact words, accompanied by an exasperated moan, as I hung up the phone…twenty-five years ago yesterday.

Ignorance certainly was bliss, for had I known some of the answers to that question, I most likely would have turned in fear and run the other way. Ignorance is often God’s way of gracing our lives.

What I got myself into was…

Maybe I should tell you about that phone call before I enumerate.

It was a pastor calling.

A single pastor.

One with gorgeous and kind blue eyes, thick dark hair, and an engaging smile. He called to ask me out for the following evening, September 25th.

Except I wasn’t interested.

It had nothing to do with him (shoot, there were enough single girls after him to make any girl happy to be asked) but everything to do with me.

Barely two weeks prior to that call, I had made a serious commitment to God with my life. Yes, I was already a Christian, but decided to give myself completely to His service.

At twenty-one years old, I had told God I was tired of immature young men and would therefore be hanging up the wishy-washy dating game – at least for a few years –  and instead would give Him my undivided attention.

Then the interruption of that call. Did God not hear me? Was my mother praying for me, again!?

I answered, “yes,” to that single pastor for two reasons: the first because I didn’t know how to turn down a man of God (would I get struck by lightning?) and the second was the fact he had two tickets to Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland for Singing in the Rain.

There was no way I was going to pass on the opportunity to see the live production of one of my favorite musicals for f-r-e-e! (Little did I know it would cost me my life as I knew it).

So after that momentary thrill of knowing I’d see the play, I hung up and lamented, “What did I get myself into!?”

Thirteen months later, a fairy tale wedding and wonderful in-laws…

That’s what I got myself into.

Sixteen moves and counting; six pregnancies and four kids…

That’s what I got myself into.

The best husband a girl can hope for; an amazing love affair…

That’s what I got myself into.

Two roles that I didn’t think fit me and two countries I never thought I’d live in…

That’s what I got myself into.

Living with a man of character, growing a Christian family…

That’s what I got myself into.

Laughter, trials, multiple blessings, near complete loss…

That’s what I got myself into.

Health and sickness, becoming who I am…

That’s what I got myself into.

But especially and most unexpectedly…

God’s mysterious and unique plan for my life.

That’s really what I got myself into!



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