What If?

(written by guest blogger….my very own DH!)

What would happen if God said GO and we said NO?

God is fond of saying go. The word appears 2015 times in the bible. For a quick comparison of the impact of that number, I’ll tell you the word STAY only appears 319 times.


What if Abraham had said NO when God said GO? What if Moses said NO when God said GO? What if Ruth said NO when God said GO? What if Paul said NO when God said GO?


I don’t have to understand, nor explain why God says Go, I just have to obey Him when He does.

Ask Jonah. He’ll tell you.

Mexico is just a couple of months away for us as we wind up our itineration here in Ohio.  It has been quite a ride for Ilona, the kids and me to not only be reunited with so many of our supporting churches, but also make many new friends.

Please pray as  we prepare for our upcoming transition.

Blessings, Mike

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