When others become Jesus…

Our second son Joey had surgery yesterday – a five hour surgery to reconstruct his ACL- and we were 2,000 miles away. Lack of funds was what kept us from flying to be with him. We even prayed, hoping for a possible way to be with him. Apparently it was not meant to be. The Lord had other ideas in mind.

One was that Joey learn to trust God in a greater way. Suddenly he needs to lean on Jesus more than on his parents, or on his own abilities and strengths.

Another was for the body of Christ to fulfill His law by bearing the burden of others. That happened through the Wornica and the Speer families.

Additionally, Joey needed to experience, once again, this type of ‘body ministry’; to see the one-anothers the New Testament mentions repeatedly in action, on his behalf.

This experience is a good example of my “Jesus is not all we need” philosophy (a previous post that I turned into a magazine article*). Here’s the application to our current situation:

My husband and I have Jesus, but we needed someone to be there for our son. Our son has Jesus, but he needed someone to take him to the hospital, wait through his surgery, then take him home.

You see, we have Jesus, but we needed people too.  People who represent Him, become His hands and feet.

With that perspective I can honestly say that Jesus, although embodying my all-in-all, is not all I need. I need others just like others need me.

My heart is extremely grateful for the kindness being shown us through these acts of service and love. And in the end I glorify my Lord and Savior, without whom none of us would even know the meaning of love, kindness, and service.

*Note – copyright applicable to this blog and to my articles

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