Winter’s Composition (Thursday’s Foto Fun Link-In)

© 2013 I.K.Hadinger

© 2013 I.K.Hadinger

The roses are dead now, so we can’t stop to smell them. It’s cold outside, and you’d think it’s bedlam! Yet beauty can be seen, a.m. or p.m. By venturing out to shoot winter’s welcome!

This photo was shot near my home, at a local park just a hop off a well traveled road. I love this photo because of it’s serenity and beauty. And because I could write a poem about it. 😉


Want to join in on the Foto Fun Link-In? Here are Tammy’s rules:

Share a photo you took.  No cheating!

G-rated (breaking this will get you kicked off the island)

Tell why you love it.

Visit another link-in blogger and make a comment. (My note: still working on a link-it button to make this do-able).

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