Worry, Love, Trust

I worry because I love. I trust because I love.

It’s natural; I’m a wife and mom. It’s supernatural; I’m a child of God.

Moments in life come when worry creeps in. I wish I could tell you I am so full of faith that I never worry. But then I’d either be lying, dead, or would not have anyone to love.

As a mom, I worry about my kids – especially when they are thousands of miles away. I can’t help it, I love them.

Recently, worry crept in when our 18 yr. old son, who lives with my parents during summer break from college, wrote this on Facebook,

longboarding the streets of cleveland right into progressive field to watch the indians game. yeah it was awesome.

In case you don’t know what longboarding is, it is an extreme version of skateboarding that is meant to go at high speeds on streets that are meant for cars. Now I’ve known he’s been into longboarding…but the streets of downtown Cleveland!? A bit different from the quiet ‘burb in which my parents live or the hilly country roads around his campus.

But the real worry (aside from his grammar!) came when I went directly from reading his status to reading that of a friend who works in downtown Cleveland,

…after work today, I was stopped at a red light. A motorcycle cop came blasting through the intersection when the light was green….then 4 more motorcycle cops came through to stop traffic in all directions. When I looked back again, I see a truck speeding down Superior pulling a flat bed, with a car on it & some camera men! An Avengers action shot!

If you’re a mom, you may be getting the same mental image I had: my son on his longboard (and probably listening to his i-pod) skating the streets of Cleveland at the same moment cops and a flat-bed trailer are racing through. Not pretty.

I had to let trust in to chase the worry away.

Then last week another son announces his boring twelve-hour drive alone back to college, inviting his friends to call/text him. “Is he nuts!?” I said out loud as worry began creeping in, accompanied by memories of news stories and crash photos of “texting while driving”. Once again…

I had to let trust in to chase the worry away.

I also have bouts of worry when it comes to my husband. He has epilepsy. And he drives hundreds of miles every month on mountain roads, sometimes taking us, sometimes taking someone else. Yes, he’s on strong meds and yes we pray continually for a complete healing. But when we’re not with him and I don’t hear from him in time for lack of communication either via phone or internet, the worrying naturally begins, “What if…?”

I repeatedly have to let trust in to chase the worry away.

It’s the supernatural replacing the natural, because I love the One I trust.

It only takes

…a whispered breath to my God who promises to hear me when I call,

…an urgent plea for Him to keep his angels around my family,

…and a thankful heart that He is able to do more than I can even think or imagine.

Trust carries me through as the worry is chased away.

And that is so amazingly fulfilling, that I can’t help but worry about those who don’t love the One I do. Those who have no assurance of a God who hears.

Those whose heart knows not the thankfulness that flows out of the relationship between Creator and created, Savior and rescued one, Lord and servant.

I may be worrying about you.

Are you willing to let trust in to chase the worry away? His name is Jesus. And it only takes a whispered prayer to believe, an urgent plea for forgiveness, and a thankful heart for the miracle of a newly born spirit.

Worry, trust, love. It’s your choice.

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