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About Ilona
I am a woman with a creative soul.

An ordained minister, I currently live in Costa Rica where my husband of thirty three years and I serve as Directors of CINCEL, the Language and Cultural Training Center for AGWM missionaries serving in Latin America and the Caribbean. An empty nester whose four children are scattered across the USA’s midwest, I enjoy sushi nights, my Kindle library, and learning to waltz in my living room with my husband via YouTube videos. An award-winning photographer, I also enjoy pursuing a variety of creative arts.


I am a member of the Redbud Writers Guild and founder of LAC Creates, a collective of creative missionaries in my region of the world serving in our organization. 

A classic introvert, I love 

solitude which leads to writing which leads to articles 

published. Sometimes. Mostly,

it leads to writing in a myriad of journals found scattered 

throughout our house.


An award winning photographer, I see incredible beauty in God's creation.

My photos are for sale, available in prints, on canvas, phone cases, tote bags, etc. Your purchase not only makes me happy, but helps us as we serve as missionaries in Costa Rica.


If you know my mother or my mother-in-law, your mouth will be watering as you anxiously await their authentic Eastern European 


Besides theirs, I'll be adding my own I've deliciously gathered from some of the best cooks I knew living in Mexico, and now here in Costa Rica. 

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